Reading Logfiles on SCCM 2012 with CMTrace

When customers take a look at the Logfilesfolder from CM12 for the first time, the first reaction is: “OMG!” and “WTF! Where should I start troubleshooting?”

My answer for my customers is very simple.

  1. Open on the CM 2012 server CMTrace.exe (found in “[InstallationDriver]:\ConfigMgr\tools\cmtrace.exe”)
    When you run CMTRace.exe for the first time a dialog will appear like in the fowling picture:

    Hit the Yes-Button, then all the Logfiles on your System will open with CMTrace.exe. Which is very comfortable.

  2. Now you have blank CMTrace.exe that shows nothing but a white blank page. Now hit File in the above menu and select the open entry.

  3. Navigate to CM12 Server Logfilefolder. Now you can see all the Logfiles CM12 generates.
  4. In the Openfile dialog hit the keyboardshortcut ctrl+A.
  5. Now you have selected all the CM12 logifles. Like showing here:

  6. In the open file dialog you now have selected all the Logfiles of CM12 and before you hit the Open-Button. Tick on “Ignore existing lines” and Merge selected files”
  7. Then hit open
  8. After while doing some open file work the CMTrace.exe will show a live logging of your CM2012 Server. And what’s happening from this point on? Every Logfile is now in only one single view and is tracked live.

That’s it. Now you don’t have to worry about selecting the right Logfiles for troubleshooting. Simply select every Logifile, merge them and ignore existing lines.


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