Hyper-V Configuration Toolkit

26. February 2015 Uncategorized 0

Today I would like to draw your attention to a tool called “Hyper-V Configuration Toolkit”.
It is created by Mark Scholman and can be found here.

What this Tool does for you:

  • Rename Adapters
  • Create Teams
  • Create Tnics
  • Set Network Config (MGT,LM,CSV)
  • Join Server to the Domain
  • Create a server-local administrators group in the domain
  • Allows you to create a new or join an existing cluster
  • Configure Cluster network names
  • Configure Cluster Live migration subnet

I hope Mark is continuing the development of this tool.
At least he has a list of upcoming feature:

  • Configure Storage network (iSCSI & SMB3)
  • Use of different topologies for converged networking
  • Using Jea or PSCustomSessionConfiguration for deployment of Hyper-V hosts

Have fun.

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