ConfigMgr 2012 SP2 and ConfigMgr 2012 R2 SP1 will be released on May 14th 2015

First Day Microsoft Ignite 2015 and two new ConfigMgr-Updates are announced. The 1st update is for environments that running SCCM 2012 SP1 and these environments will be updated to SCCM 2012 SP2. The 2nd update is for environments that running SCCM 2012 R2 and these environments will be updated to SCCM 2012 R2 SP1. Both updates will be available on May 14th 2015. With these updates Microsoft will raise all SCCM-environments to the same feature level.

Some of the Improvements from the Ignite 2015 slides:



  • Support for Windows 10 deployments
  • Setup prerequisite is still Windows 8.1 ADK but it supports Windows 10 ADK
  • Improvements to Driver Management GUI
  • Ability to notify IT admin before implementing a potentially risky Task Sequence OS deployment
  • Added Task Sequence resiliency during software update restarts
  • Improved consistency of SMSTS logging so that events are fully tracked throughout the deployment
  • Role Based access for standalone media
    Enhanced Audit messages (clearing a PXE flag on a collection, Audit status message with ID 30,000 is not generated
    if TS is created and console user is Operating System Manager)
  • “OS Installer Package” renamed to “OS Upgrade Packages”
  • Increased Task Sequence Media Support > 32 GB USB


Resource Access:

  • Support for multiple NDES servers per certificate profile


Application Management:

  • Support for Windows 10 app deployments
  • Fixed issues with app model supersedence
  • Faster APP-V publishing at first logon for non-persistent VDI environments


Improved Hybrid features for CM12 R2 SP1 integrated with Intune.

Mobile application Management:

  • Managed Office Mobile Apps – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive and OneNote
  • App wrapping tool for existing iOS line of business apps
  • Managed Browser for iOS and Android devices
  • PDF Viewer, AV player and Image viewer for iOS and Android devices


Configuration Policies and Resource access:

  • Deployment of certificates in .PFX format (Network Device Enrollment Services – NDES not required)
  • 2.Device lockdown via supervised iOS devices and Assigned access for Windows 8.1
  • 3.Application install Deny/Allow list
  • 4. Support for custom policies for iOS devices
  • 5. Deployment of email profiles for Android Devices using Samsung KNOX
  • 6 .Deployment of VPN profiles for Android Devices
  • 7. Passcode reset and remote device lock for iOS, Android and WP devices


Ongoing support for platforms:

  • Support for apple device enrollment program (DEP)
  • Support for Samsung KNOX standard
  • Push free store apps to iOS devices
  • Convenient access to internal corporate resources via per-app VPN configurations for iOS

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