Upgrade CM 2012 R2 -> CM 2012 R2 SP1

First you have to download the source files for CM 2012 R2 SP1 (EVAL + VL)

In my case I work with the EVAL-Version in my LAB.
In my LAB I am running a Stand-Alone-Primary-Site with CM 2012 R2, no CU-Level and SQL 2012 SP1.

My Lab is not connected to the external network. So I have to download the Preques for the installation 1st.
Please use the setupdl.exe on the installation Media.
If you have internet connectivity on your CM 2012 Site Server you can perform the download of the prereques during setup.

Specify a location for the download of the prereques folder and click the Download-Button.

Download starts.

After downloads the prereques you will find all the prereque files in the download folder.

Now it’s time to continue with the upgrade installation of SCCM 2012 R2 SP1

If you wonder why the install source don’t show the wording R2 SP1, don’t worry.
The install sources are for both Versions of SCCM 2012. SCCM 2012 SP2 and SCCM 2012 R2 SP1
The setup will proof the installed Version and installs the right upgrade.

So, don’t be afraid.

Click “Install” to continue with the Upgrade.

On the “Before You Begin”-dialog click “Next”.

Now you can provide a license key or continue with the eval version. Click Next.

Accept the license terms and click next.

Accept three more license terms and click next.

Now specify the download path of the prereques you have downloaded early and click next.

The SCCM Setup will now verifies the Prerequisites files.

After the files are verified choose all your server language you need and click next.

Choose your client language you need and click next.

On the next screen you get a settings summary and you can see this is an upgrade. Woohoo!
Click next.

On the next screen SCCM Setup performs some checks. If you are agree with the result click the “Begin install”-Button.

The setup shows you the progress of the installation. In my case the upgrade takes about 34 min.
The duration of the upgrade depends on your environment.

Now you can close the setup dialog, and exit the setup program.

Open the console and click on “About System Center Configuration Manager”.
Notice that a new version number is shown in the splash screen.

Have fun.

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